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Lectures and Presentations



  • 2000 EU i3 Workshop on Self Expression, Starlab, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • 1999 NESTA-sponsored Performing Arts Lab (PAL), London and Kent, UK
  • 1997 Working Title Films - Internet Project for "Plunkett and Macleane" London, UK and Prague, Czech Republic.

Festival and Exhibition Selections:


  • New Talent Pavilion (2 projects developed by Andy Clarke) Milia 98, Cannes, France
  • Project Bank EU Media Programme (project by Grethe Mitchell) Milia 98, Cannes, France


  • New Talent Pavilion (project by Grethe Mitchell) Milia 97, Cannes, France


  • Globecom IEEE Conference (project by Grethe Mitchell), Westminster, London, UK.


Chiptunes byte back!
On 26th September, we presented our new paper on videogame music at the DIGRA 2007 Conference, University of Tokyo, Japan.



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