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"Videogames and Art"

Edited by Andy Clarke and Grethe Mitchell

Published 2007 by Intellect Books, Bristol UK and University of Chicago Press, Chicago USA

"Videogames and Art" is one of the first books to provide a complete overview of art that is produced with, or influenced by, videogames.

The comprehensive introduction by Grethe Mitchell and Andy Clarke positions videogame art both historically and in relation to digital and traditional art.

Distinguished and well known contributors provide chapters on, to name but a few, the relationships between videogame aesthetics and Japanese pictorial art, the development of Machinima and game art "modding"; videogames as literary devices; game concept art and fan art, the relationship between fine art and videogame art.

The book also includes interviews with major videogame artists such as Brody Condon, Joseph Delappe, JODI and Tobias Bernstrup.

The relationship between videogame art and the outside world threads throughout, and is also discussed in chapters outlining the use of artistic game mods in initiating discussion on Albanian blood feuds and on the development of politically challenging independent games.

The videogame industry is acknowledged and also challenged, by contributors looking for answers as to whether mainstream videogames can ever be an art form.

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